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He is a commander of Army. He signifies Anger, Rapid action, activeness, emotions and fighting nature.

Love Meter In Hindi

In a birth chart if Mars placed in 1st house or Lagna or Ascendant, 4th house, the house of comforts, 7th house, the house of marriage and long-term relations, the 8th house, the house of physical pleasures and longevity of marriage, or 12th house, the house of comforts and sleeping, then those persons will be unable to control their emotions and anger. They will also have ego problems with their life partner.

Placement of Mars in these houses causes a problem in marriage life due to their heavy emotional behaviour and anger. So knowing about this dosha will help you to perform remedies and reduce the negative effect of this dosha and having timed marriage and happy married life.

Astrological services for accurate answers and better feature

Mangal dosha from Lagna or Ascendant will have an impact on married life, Kuja dosha from Moon will have an impact on couples behaviour and nature and Mangal dosh from Venus will have an impact on their family life and physical compatibility. Knowing about mangal dosh will help to reduce its effect in advance by doing proper remedies and controlling their anger and other problems in married life. Here in this report, I have also suggested some remedies for mangal dosha.

There is so many exemptions given in our classics but when it comes to practical life, the effect of this dosha still giving problems. So it is adviced whoever having this dosha, they need to perform proper remedies as well as trying to control their emotions and anger will help them to lead happy married life.

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Love Letters For Boyfriend, Romantic Love Letter for Him – Dgreetings

Check Now. When to propose your Girlfriend or Boyfriend Astrologically? Wondering when would be the right time to pop the million dollar question?

Need to be with your lover, but pondering if this would be the right time to propose them? Fret not!

Astrology is here to help you. Get the correct time to propose your partner, so that the answer comes in affirmative.

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This column would help you determine the correct auspicious period, wherein you can disclose your love to your partner and get a 'Yes' in response!! Benefit from this for gun milan and get the proper results in your life. In Hindu marriages, the horoscope matching and gun milan play a major role, due its importance it is only right that we give you something that'll be the key in your compatibility score.

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How does a Love Calculator work? The Love meter Algorithm

Hindu Marriage Muhurat Get all the muhurats when you can tie the forever bond with your partner at AstroSage. Hindu Marriage Muhurat is designed, keeping in mind the auspicious timings.

Abide by these to get married and receive the propitious results in your relationship. It's widely believed that getting married in the muhurat mentioned, brings good fortune and prosperity. Zodiac Sign Compatibility Love plays a pivotal role in one's life, defining character and strength and so does Zodiac sign.

Are you in love?

You can be brave and defy its force, shy away or accept it with open arms, love requires patience and long time to brew into something more intense and beautiful. And as is prophesied, matches are made in heaven Horoscope Matching Using Name Match your horoscope with that of your lover by just the names. Also, you might spend most of your waking hours wondering whether you and your potential partner could make a good match or not. Our love calculator makes it all easy for you.

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