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The downside of your personality is that sometimes you can be unyielding. Compromise is not always easy for you. You are one who likes order and routine.

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Change can be difficult for you to process, and you generally prefer to cling to the things which are familiar. Your personality makes you a loyal companion. You also expect the same loyalty in return from your romantic partners and family members. Those who manage to cross you are in for a fierce battle.

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You will stand firm on your principles and values until the bitter end. Those born on May 6 tend to embody the most pleasant characteristics of the Taurus zodiac sign. They are charming and often physically attractive. Other family members tend to admire and respect those born on May 6 for their strong leadership qualities. You are the kind of individual that unites the family in times of crisis. Those born on this day also make exceptional parents. They have the rational thinking required to instill good values in their children.

It is not in your character to rush into decisions. As a result, many individuals born on this day have a long courtship before they are married. People born on May 6 can be contentious when it comes to their personal beliefs. They are often rigid and unyielding regarding their opinions.

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These individuals tend to respect others who stand their ground when challenged. A pushover will not fare well against a Taurus. You can be very dominant in relationships. It is important that you learn to communicate instead of projecting a my-way-or-the-highway demeanor with your spouse.

March 6 Birthday Horoscope

Loyalty is expected by you at all times, but you also give as much loyalty as you expect to receive. When you feel betrayed it is unlikely that you are willing to repair a relationship. You also possess an innate sense of justice.